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Call Us Today!
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Go Green

Go Green

Parma Laundry Service is committed to finding new techniques that are cost efficient for you and energy efficient for all of us.  We have gone above and beyond recommended guidelines by installing a state-of-the-art ozone system.  Unlike outdated cleaning methods, we offer a range of benefits for the environment and the condition of your garments:
  • Ozone is a gas that has no color or smell and is naturally occurring in nature.
  • Ozone gas is a powerful oxidant that effectively kills viruses, bacteria, other microorganisms and fungi.
  • Ozone deodorizes by breaking down compounds in soiled laundry.
  • Ozone gas also softens the water by stopping scale deposits.
  • Ozone allows us to use less detergents, chemicals and chlorine, thereby prolonging the life of the linens we process and reducing the effects of harmful chemicals in the laundry and the environment.
  • Ozone works at lower water temperatures, which reduces energy consumption and wear on linens.
The ultimate result: Clean, fresh, ecologically friendly laundry!

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